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Stupid, Stripey Bitch
13 July 2012 @ 09:48 am
The hardest part of dieting for me is when I have days off or I go into work late. Back when I barely worked at the preschool (I was pretty much oncall for the beginning of the year - it was awful) I had a major problem with overeating because I had so much time on my hands. Besides sometimes (not so much anymore) when I exercise I feel like that gives me freedom to just eat whatever the hell I feel like and not gain any weight. It's sad that it's taken me 22 years to learn my lesson.

Wednesday I cheated big time by having a Red Bull, pizza, and mexican food. However yesterday, since I didn't have to be to work until one, I've begun getting back into my walking regiment. It's strange to say but I really missed it; it at least gave me an hour to just be alone. I miss walking at night more, but since I work until 8:30 pm most shifts, yeah I'm exhausted after standing for 8 hours so I don't wanna walk at 11pm when the pain in my feet recedes. A couple of days before that I forced my best friend to walk around the river path (especially after eating Ay! Jaliscos...ugh), but her idea of walking is like 4 circles around then sitting for an hour. At least it gave me the jump start, that's all I can say :)

I still haven't weighed myself. I promise that'll come one day soon...maybe.
Stupid, Stripey Bitch
10 July 2012 @ 09:40 am
Long time no update!

Today I start my full-fledge Paleo diet. If you guys don't know what that is, you can read about it here. My brother and sister-in-law are doing it, and it seems like a great idea. My only problem is avoiding sugar...sigh. I'm hoping by keeping a blog it can help me stay on the right track.

So far today, I had 2 over-easy eggs with salt and pepper for breakfast. Not too shabby, eh? Now even my brother cheats a little bit, so I had a Pepsi Max with it; it's where I get my energy for the day. No calories, no sugar, it doesn't seem too bad. Eventually I'll slowly phase that out but for now...need caffeine.

For lunch/dinner I'm going to be taking a leftover noodle and meat concoction (I know noodles aren't on there either, but don't tell!), salad with oil/balsamic vinegar dressing, and grapes. They frown on eating many fruits, but again it's all natural sugar, and if it'll give me the boost it's well worth it, yes?

I'm also going to get into the habit of not coming home and eating late; that's the problem with working nights. I gotta get all my caloric intake by early afternoon and avoid snacking at work. Biggest pain in the ass.

Tomorrow I'll post my starting weight. I completely forgot this morning as I avoid scales like the plague :/ I'm just embarrassed in myself that all that weight I worked so hard to lose I seemed to have put all back on, and it needs to stop.

Wish me luck, guys ♥
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Stupid, Stripey Bitch
05 January 2012 @ 07:54 am
For the time being, I'm going to be using this journal as an update spot for my 50 Book Challenge. Maybe this will give me a reason to have something to do with my life, so yeah.
Now I'm a horrible reader, in the sense that I hate reading multiple books at the same time, and that I really don't get much time to read. If I get time to read on my lunch hour, I'm in 7th Heaven. So I really, really hope this will work the second time around.

I'm also not interested in re-reading books; if you saw my wishlist of books, you'd understand why. In fact, I may post it here someday. I need to organize everything before I set to finding them.
Anyway! Let me start here:


Title: Twenties Girl
Author: Sophie Kinsella
Status: Finished
Synopsis found HERE

My short reviewCollapse )

Currently on my to-read listCollapse )
Stupid, Stripey Bitch
10 December 2011 @ 09:37 pm
Medium: General
Subject: Christmas
Title: Christmastime in the City
Warning(s): None
Notes: I made this last year when I was going through a mopey, Jazz kind of funk. I was planning on moving to New England, so I had a lot of visions of myself walking in the snow to a big city for Christmas shopping. I chose these songs accompany that.
All photos were found on Flickr or through Tumblr.

Silver bells, silver bells; it's Christmastime in the cityCollapse )


Stupid, Stripey Bitch
20 November 2011 @ 10:26 am
Medium: Television
Fandom: American Horror Story
Subject: Tate/Violet, Violate
Title: I love you; I'm not gonna crack
Warning(s): Some profanity, and possible self-injury trigger(s).
Notes: I wrote this for the obvious reason- I love the crap out of this pairing. I wanted to add my own fanmix in with the rest. I tried to keep the songs on a timeline, stretching over the season. It looks (as best as I could do) the transition of Tate becoming better, into Violet's spiral into sadness/depression. Hope you enjoy, and please comment if you're downloading :)

One day we'll drive away so far, with monsters on our tailsCollapse )

Stupid, Stripey Bitch
Medium: Television
Fandom: Glee
Subject: Santana
Title: All the Girls love Santana
Notes: This originally began as an angsty Brittana mix after watching the "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You" Mash-up video. I soon realized that most of my songs were those about cheating, and I actually had no proof that this happened/would be happening on the show. Therefore, this has become a Santana mix that begins with Season 1 Santana and trickles down into her and Britt's budding relationship and the trials/hardships they've encountered along the way.
I also threw "Someone Like You" as a bonus track in at the end...for obvious reasons. And in case this does become canon on Tuesday night's episode.
And thank you SO MUCH to xo_oldgreggory for helping me with the pictures!

Welcome to the world of SantanaCollapse )

Stupid, Stripey Bitch
18 September 2011 @ 02:46 pm

I Don't Wanna Grow UpCollapse )
Stupid, Stripey Bitch
31 May 2011 @ 03:24 pm
Sooo I made a zombie mix :)

Instead of just throwing together a bunch of songs with "Zombie" in the title though, I wanted to construct one from the Zombie killers' point of view. So basically it was written with me, my best friend and her husband as slayers and survivors following a massive outbreak.

With that I hope you enjoy, aaand if you want any of the songs downloaded individually, just ask!

When Hell is full the dead will walk the EarthCollapse )

By the way I apologize for the absolute shit paint covers XD I'm terrible at that.
Stupid, Stripey Bitch
15 April 2011 @ 05:34 pm

So I don't even know how many times I've mentioned them, but I fucking love this band. And I love this song- this is my angst-"I hate your fucking guts" song. And I love her.

So I call this post- "Forever Jealous of a 17 Year Old". It's a weak moment for me.